SASKATCHEWAN WEDDING - Stephanie + Phil, Regina Wedding Photographer

I met Steph and Phil last fall for their engagement photos, and was sooo excited for their wedding. They are both just so genuinely nice and sweet people; the easiest people to be around and to work with. Steph and Phil were married on possibly the windiest day I've ever photographed a wedding on! Even with the wind blowing hair in everyones face and dirt into our eyes we still created some magical moments! In Saskatchewan we just know how to deal with wind ;)

After a first look in the hotel, the bridal party hopped on the party bus and we were off to begin celebrations! We started at the highest point in Regina - the hill at Douglas Park. Needlesss to say we did not last long up there with all the wind, and sought shelter just across from the hill in a nearby park. We managed to get a few minutes of calm in between the wind gusts.

The party bus eventually made its way out to Zadack Holdings - a site just outside of Regina for country weddings! I was sooo impressed with the staff and the organization of the venue. I felt a little like I was in "The Wedding Planner" as the staff communicated their plans through little headpieces. The ceremony went off without a hitch!

Steph and Phil had the coolest wedding favours! They made a newspaper using their engagement photos! So cool! And they even felt like newspapers - it was magical! In general all the details of this wedding were put together so well!

I snuck Steph and Phil out of the reception in the evening for a couple more portraits of them together. I do this with all my wedding couples if time allows, as these usually end up being my favourite images from their wedding day! Bonus - it also allows the newlyweds a couple of minutes to be alone (except I'm there :D), which is a rare thing on a wedding day!

Laughter filled speeches followed supper. Tears were shed, shots were had, and many jokes were made. It was a wonderful time, and I am so happy and honoured to have been part of the entire day! Thank you Steph and Phil for inviting me to document such a special and important day in your life!

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