SASKATCHEWAN WEDDING - Nicole + Tyler, Regina Wedding Photographer


When Nicole initially emailed me about photographing her and Tyler's surprise wedding I was like HELL to the YES! I was seriously so excited to be a part of an amazing and unique wedding experience. Right from the moment we began chatting, fast forward to engagement photos, and then finally the day itself, the excitement and joy never left for a second! I had the best time with these two through this entire experience, and am so honoured to have been asked to capture their SURPRISE wedding day!

We began with a first look at Malty National, a local brewery/coffee place, but also "their place". It was so special to do a first look in a place that meant so much to this couple. They even brought some Malty National beer to their engagement session for a beer picnic!

After the first look we snuck over to the Willow on Wascana to meet their families for what they believed was an engagment brunch. The plan went off without a hitch - not a single soul saw us sneak up to the building. We waited patiently for the Bride's dad to come out and be the first one in on the surprise! Suffice it to say he was excited and surprised, and only had a moment to collect his thoughts before we burst through the doors to let everyone else in on the secret!

The family received special gifts, hugs and happy tears upon Nicole and Tyler's arrival. Then they tied the knot under the shade, overlooking Wascana and the Leg Building. It was seriously so perfect, and I am so happy to have been a part of it all!

Thank you two again for having me! <3


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