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Hannah + Kevin had a beautiful valley wedding out in Lumsden, which they invited me out to photograph. I was thrilled because I absolutely love Lumsden! It is one of the most charming little towns. The day was filled with so much love and laughter. I am so happy to have been a part of it!

Because they opted to have an evening ceremony (photographer me screaming YAY inside) they had a first look prior to meeting up with the wedding party! Quick tangent - I'm always game for an evening ceremony ;) Also, I do love a first look. It is definitely not a fit for every couple, but honestly it is so awesome for the couples it does work for. Kevin looked absolutely smitten with Hannah, and its no wonder, because she was a smoke show! After a few intatmeine minutes together, they joined their wedding party for formals. They had assemble such a laid back fun group of people to stand up with them on their wedding day. I am a firm believer that the people next to you should be the ones that keep stress out of your day, and I think that's what this group did perfectly!

Their evening wedding ceremony took place at a family friends farm on the edge of the valley. The sun was setting as they said their vows, and it was magical! My favourite part of the ceremony was the inclusion of Kevin's two children, who clearly love Hannah so much! His daughters tears (of joy!) we're heartwarming.

The shots we got following the ceremony with the sunlight pouring through the trees were some of my favourite of the day! The evening ended at the hall in Lumsden. The speeches at this wedding were wonderful, and really showcased how great a pair they are. Guests were even treated when "Garth Brooks" showed up to play the shoe game with Hannah + Kevin. The whole day was warm, intimate, and full of laughter, and I am so happy to have shared it with you two!

xo Nicole


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