SASKATCHEWAN WEDDING - Ali + Josh, Moose Jaw Wedding Photographer

Last year, Josh reached out about a proposal session with Alana. We planned and (I think) mostly surprised her! It was such an amazing experience, and when they asked me to shoot their wedding I was ALL. OVER. IT! YESSSS!

Their wedding day was just as amazing as our first time shooting together, and I am so happy to have been part of the whole thing! After a chill morning of hanging out with the groom and his groomsemen, and checking in with the bride and her girls at the hotel in Moose Jaw for a bit, we headed out of town for a country wedding! They were married at Schmitz Barn, just outside of the city. The barn and surrounding area was such a perfect location for this event. So many tears were shed during this wedding - the bride, the groom, the brides and grooms parents - even a couple of the groomsmen shed tears!

After the ceremony these two had such a fun and happy day, surrounded by their friends and family. I managed to sneak them away for a few quiet minutes alone right after the first dance, because sunset sneakaways are where it is at! I cant thank these two enough for including me in their love story! Here's to the Sandens! <3

OH my heart!!!

Many a happy tear on this gorgeous day!

Look at that veil!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Gorgeous!

So happy Auntie + Uncle are married!

I always recommend champagne on your wedding day! So much fun!

Only 1 glass of wine allowed ;P

In order to see which tables would eat first they had people from each table participate in a boot chug. First time I've seen something like this at a wedding, and I gotta say, I'm a fan! Just don't sign me up for it!

My favourite part of the day - sunset sneackaway! This venue was so amazing and look at how amazing (and amazingly in love) these two are!

Groomsmen with some serious dance moves!

The end! <3

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