SASKATCHEWAN ENGAGEMENT SESSION - k + k, saskatchewan valley light engagement

Today I post these engagement photos, because these two lovely humans were supposed to be getting married. I can only imagine the things they must be feeling today, but I wanted them to know their love is still so special and worth celebrating!


They are my first 2020 couple that COVID19 has forced to postpone their plans. Being in the early wave of those first impacted is always tough, and scary, and confusing. You're never sure what exactly you should do, or how you should be feeling.

They made the decision to postpone until later in the year, and I cannot wait for that day! Just because their wedding day plans got a bit tipped upside down, doesn't mean it won't be any less special. Their ability to handle this situation with maturity and grace, not only makes them kick ass human beings, but also a couple that will be able to take on anything together!

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