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Karlie and Chase invited me into their home on a chilly Saskatoon morning for an in home lifestyle session. They're beautiful cozy home was the perfect location for this couples session full of love! Its always so great to shoot a session in someones home. I really get a better sense of who they are and what they love (besides each other!) when we do an in home session.

Lots of couples sessions begin in the living room and Karlie and Chase’s was no exception. Its comfortable territory to begin in. Not the most intimate space in the room, and a space to ease into the session and get comfortable with each other. They cuddled up on the couch just like they were settling in for a night in with a good movie. Shortly after Karlie grabbed some java, and we visited and hung around in the living room a little more. They had this giant window that let in so much beautiful light, and it was the best start to their in home session.

I always like to incorporate the kitchen during an in home session because people definitely spend a lot of time in their kitchens. We can do lots of things in the kitchen during an in home session - make pancakes, eat pizza, cook one of your favourite dishes, bake cookies, shake up some margaritas, or simply just dance around if you are one of those people who don't like to use your kitchen. We mozied on over to their little kitchen to open a bottle of wine. These two are a fan of their vino, so we for sure had to bring that in!

Lastly we ended in the bedroom with their fur-baby Tucker for some more snuggles. They had the most spectacular light throughout their home, and I enjoyed every second of shooting with them. I adore simple in home lifestyle sessions; we can easily escape our chilly Canadian winters, and still get those beautiful images that show the best of your relationship.

If an in home lifestyle sessions sounds like your jam, get a hold of me to book! Looking forward to meeting you ;)

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