ENGAGEMENT SESSION - shae + dame saskatchewan engagement photographer

These two high school sweethearts got engaged in Mexico last year, and when they asked me to photograph their wedding I was super excited! I have the pleasure of calling these beauties my family! Of course, I only get that benefit through my husband, but I'll take it! I cannot wait to share in their big day, which is only 5 more days away! For now, I'll share some of the magical goodness that is their engagment session!

By far my favourite part about these two is their willingness to do anything I ask them. It is sometimes difficult to ask your clients to do something that they might think is really strange, but it really pays off. These two were all over every suggestion. They got silly. They got romantic. They pulled some acrobats. They danced. They ran. It really was a wonderful time. They did it all so beautifully, I might be tempted to ask Dame to do an airplane ride with his bride on their wedding day ;) (just kidding... maybe...).

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