ENGAGEMENT SESSION - j+ d, regina, saskatchewan engagement photographer

Ok, you wouldn't believe it, but I miss winter. ONLY because when I reflect back on this engagment session, from the dead of last winter, I remember how BEAUTIFUL winter can be. In a perfect world, we would have three months of winter, just for the photos, and then it would go back to normal warm weather. Well, at least as normal as we can get in SK! :P

Last winter, I got together with Joanna + Dustin to photograph their engagement session. I knew from the moment I met them that I wanted to shoot their wedding. They just seemed like genuinely loving, authentic, rad people, and I wanted to share in their special day. I was beyond thrilled when they chose me to capture their forever (which is happening this Saturday by the way ;) )!

Like most of my couples, they ventured out to Craik Valley to shoot with me. We traipsed along the valley, in knee high snow, having the absolute best time! They also brought their pooch, and I LOVE when couples bring their furry family along! It was a lot of fun capturing them in the beautiful landscapes winter has to offer! And they were champs about the cold. I hate to refresh your memory, but last winter we saw temps below -40, regularly (I'm sorry for stirring up bad memories for some of you!). I absolutely cannot wait to be a part of their wedding day, and to share their wedding photos – stay tuned!


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