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Thank-you so much for choosing me to document these special first days of your little one's life! I love to work with these sweet new babies and their families, and consider myself so lucky and privileged to do so! Take a peek through this guide to help you  prepare for your newborn session - whether it be in home lifestyle or studio session - I've got you covered! 

in studio...

The studio will be a nice warm 22+ degrees for the comfort of baby during the session.  I dress in comfortable clothing for this temperature, and recommend you do the same.  Expect to be with me in the home studio for 2-3 hours. This is just an estimate, as I have had newborn sessions last up to 4 hours as we wait for baby to settle! I do have snacks and beverages on hand, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.  Baby might need to eat more often than usual during the session. This is because I am moving them around a little more than they are used to. We will just go with the flow. If baby seems hungry we will let them eat.If you can, please bring a pacifier of your preference to the session. If you don't use a pacifier that is fine too!

how to prepare for baby...

I recommend feeding baby right before you leave to come to the 

studio. Newborns tend to take a while to eat at each feeding, so take into account that time when you prepare to get ready to leave. If you are travelling, please try to arrive a few minutes early, as baby may want to eat after a long car ride. Please try to keep baby awake for an hour or so before your appointment.

Before leaving for your session be sure to loosen their diaper. This does not mean take it off by any means - just don't do it up super tightly - this will reduce diaper marks from their little bottoms. Also, please do not have tight socks on their little feet, as those leave indents in their ankles. 

how to prepare for siblings...

I recommend a neutral palette for clothing (creams, greys, soft colours, etc…).  Outfits should be casual, and not too dressy - little people are more cooperative when they are wearing something they are comfortable in!

We will begin with baby first, as they are the main reason for newborn photos. Some clients have another family member bring their other children in for their portion of the photos, and then leave again. Some bring along a quite toy, books and snacks to help their littles hang out. Either way, the main goal is to keep your other little people happy, and quiet during the session, as a calm quiet environment is best for newborn photos. 

Whatever works best for your family!

how to prepare

as parents

Your baby is only this little once, so I highly encourage you to be 

part of the session. Again, I recommend a neutral colour palette 

(creams, greys, whites, etc…). Moms, I know after having a baby, 

you might not feel camera ready. I promise you will be glad you 

took photos with you baby.

checklist for your

studio session

  • baby essentials (diaper/wipes)

  • snacks

  • change of clothes (for yourself and others) if needed

  • formula (if you are bottle feeding)

  • pacifier

  • siblings: snacks/entertainment

in home lifestyle session

When I arrive, I'll take a quick tour of your home so I can see how the light comes through your home. Any rooms that you would like to shoot in please tidy up a bit, or arrange in the way you'd like them to be photographed (don't worry about the rest of your home)! I typically will shoot in the nursery, your bedroom, and living room, but will follow the light. Sometimes that means we end up in the kitchen!

Pick out a simple outfit for baby, and make sure it fits well. A simple white onesie works great! I will bring a few headbands/hats along, but do not tote along all my studio props! These sessions are about your family in your home environment. 

Expect me to be in your home for up to 2 hours for a lifestyle newborn session.

this is not a studio session...

lifestyle session is very different from a studio session. Most of your session will be focused on interactions with baby. Mom holding baby in the new nursery; big brother peering over the crib at his new sister; baby having a bath; the family cuddled up on the couch or bed. Because of this, babies do not need to be under 2 weeks for this style of session, as I will not be putting them into those squishy newborn studio style poses. If you are wanting those posed photos, please book a studio style session instead of a lifestyle newborn session.

in home checklist

  • turn up the heat to 22 degrees (72   Fahrenheit

  • tidy rooms the way you want them   represented in photographs

  • family dressed when I arrive

  • clear off nightstands

  • open all the blinds in your home

  • fresh diaper on baby

any questions?

feel free to reach out and ask questions about anything you read in this guide

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